R.E. (Religious Education)

The purpose of Religious Education (RE) at Key Stage 1 is to introduce children to the study of Christianity and aspects of Judaism and Islam and incorporating, where appropriate, consideration of non-religious world views.

At Horley Infant School RE is taught in accordance with the Surrey Agreed Syllabus 2017-2022 (https://www.cofeguildford.org.uk/education/standing-advisory-council-on-religious-education/surrey-agreed-syllabus-for-religious-education). It is taught alongside the school’s values of honesty, cooperation, patience, thoughtfulness, trust, resilience, respect, morality and responsibility developing strong links between RE, Personal and Social Education and Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Education, in ways which are appropriate for pupils aged 4 – 7. Children at Horley Infant School are taught RE in units of work and through collective worship.


By the end of Key Stage 1 most children will be able to:-

  • identify similarities in features of religions and beliefs
  • retell religious, spiritual and moral stories
  • identify possible meanings for stories, symbols and other forms of religious expression
  • identify how religion and belief is expressed in different ways
  • respond sensitively and imaginatively to questions about their own and others’ ideas, experiences and feelings
  • ask questions about their own and others’ ideas, feelings and experiences
  • give a reason why something may be valued by themselves and others
  • recognise that some questions about life are difficult to answer

Broad & Balanced Curriculum

Children at Horley Infant School receive teaching and learning within the following units as part of a broad and balanced curriculum:-


Autumn Term – Who am I, and where do I belong? Why do we have celebrations?
Spring Term – What makes a place special? What can we learn from stories?
Summer Term – What makes a place special? What makes our world wonderful?


Year One

Autumn Term – CHRISTIANITY: Why do Christians call God ‘creator’? What is the ‘Nativity’ and why is itimportant to Christians?
Spring Term – JUDAISM: What is the Torah and why is it so important to Jewish families? CHRISTIANITY: What do Christians learn from stories of Jesus?
Summer Term – ISLAM: What is important for Muslim families? Why do people tell stories?


Year Two

Autumn Term – CHRISTIANITY: What is God like for Christians? Why is giving important to Christians?
Spring Term – JUDAISM: Why do Jewish families celebrate the gift of Shabbat? CHRISTIANITY: Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’?
Summer Term – ISLAM: Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him? Why should we look after the world?

As part of Multi-Faith day at Horley Infant School, we found out about the faiths and beliefs of our local community. Two of our lovely children put together this helpful, informative video about their beliefs within Hinduism. Take a look!


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