R.E. (Religious Education)

Religious Education Intent

Religious Education (R.E.) at Horley Infant school is a subject that encourages our children to be enthusiastic and inquisitive about the world, people and the beliefs of others.

We encourage and promote a culture where discussion is key and an invaluable tool for learning. Questioning is central to our R.E. learning and children are encouraged to ask why and make comparisons of different religions. Lessons are varied and creative and the activities that children take part in cover a broad spectrum ranging from Drama to Art, Computing and written tasks.

We feel it is vital that the children develop an understanding of the lives and beliefs of others and how they might be different or similar to our own lives at Horley Infants. Children are never told what to believe but learn the views and opinions of others. We promote a culture of tolerance where everyone’s opinions are heard and that it is interesting to find out about the lives of others within our community and wider world.

Where possible, links are made with our families and members of the local community, who are invited to take part in lessons and special days to ensure the RE learning has purpose and comes to life for the children in their local context. Through this subject we hope to help in fostering an inclusive community which lives cohesively and happily, both at school and the wider community of Horley, the UK and the world!

What does RE look like in our school? (Implementation)

At Horley Infant School, R.E. is taught in accordance with the Surrey Agreed Syllabus (2023-2028). A requirement of the syllabus is that a minimum of 50% of the teaching and learning is Christianity-based. RE is interwoven and taught alongside our school values and our PSHE learning.

In Reception, RE is more broadly related to an understanding of our individual contexts, celebrations and special places, which are part of the children’s lives and those of their peers. As they move into KS1, they have more formal learning and explore the following three religions:

– Christianity

– Islam

– Judaism (as per the Surrey R.E syllabus).

Other religions and views are explored during assemblies, special days and events, for example Diwali and Multifaith Day.

The units of work are arranged as follows:


Autumn Term

Who am I, and where do I belong?

Why do we have celebrations?

Spring Term

What makes a place special?

What can we learn from stories?

Summer Term

What makes a place special?

What makes our world wonderful?



Year One


Why do Christians call God ‘creator’?

What is the ‘Nativity’ and why is itimportant to Christians?


What is the Torah and why is it so important to Jewish families?

What do Christians learn from stories of Jesus?

Summer Term: (ISLAM)

What is important for Muslim families?

Why do people tell stories?


Year Two


What is God like for Christians?

Why is giving important to Christians?


Why do Jewish families celebrate the gift of Shabbat?

Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’?

Summer Term: (ISLAM)

Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him?

Why should we look after the world?

As part of Multi-Faith day at Horley Infant School, we found out about the faiths and beliefs of our local community. Two of our lovely children put together this helpful, informative video about their beliefs within Hinduism. Take a look!

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