Vision, Aims and Values

School Vision

The Govenrors of our school co-ordinated the development of the school’s vision. It was shaped by everyone within the Horley Infant School family including staff, parents, children and the wider community. Collectively, we created the vision for the future of Horley Infant School and our recruitment, strategic planning and decision making are all driven by this vision.

School Aims

Sitting alongside the school’s vision is the school’s aims. Whilst our vision is more strategic and describes the long-term goal of the school we wish to create, our aims demonstrate what the “here and now” offer will look like for you and your child during your time at Horley Infant School.

School Values

As well as our vision and aims, we have school values which are integral to the ethos of our school. We expect all staff, pupils and families to make sure these values are “lived, not laminated” so that the aims and vision of our school are authentic and easily observed within our school.
HIS Values


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