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School Location and Parking

Situated in a residential part of Central Horley, Horley Infant School is close to Gatwick Airport and near the Surrey/Sussex border. It is situated in the middle of a Victorian residential road with very limited parking. The majority of pupils come from Central Horley, however some pupils travel in from surrounding areas such as Charlwood, Salfords, Smallfield and Crawley.

The school’s main entrance is located on Lumley Road and although there is a back gate which is open at drop off and pick up time, all visitors should access the main school entrance via Lumley Road.

The school has a very small car park which is only to be used by employed staff and visiting professionals. There is currently no scope for parents to use the car park unless they have applied for a permit from the main office to use the disabled parking space. We will always give priority for the disabled space to be used for pupils who have a disability (either long term or on a temporary basis) or for parents who have a blue badge and who have applied for a permit. The space is available on a “first come, first served” basis and cannot be used if a school permit is not obtained or the blue badge holder is not the individual who is dropping off/collecting the child.

There are yellow zig-zag lines on both Lumley Road and Albert Road which identify the times at which parking restrictions are in operation. Parents must not use the car park spaces within school and are asked to park on the roadside but to also be considerate of our neighbours and other local residents. There is a Home-School Agreement which must be signed by all families which sets out the expecation of our school family. Parents can make use of the car park for after school clubs but only if they do not block access for any other cars already in the car park during this time. 

For those who would like to “park and stride”, we have an annual allocation of parking permits which are made available at no cost to parents. This allows parents to park in the main car parks located at the rear of Collingwood & Batchellor and also The Factory Shop. Please speak to a member of staff in our school office if you would like to obtain a permit.


Considering the limited parking on site, we would encourage families and visitors to walk or travel to the school using puplic transport.
However, advice for all forms of transport are outlined below:



The school is well served with buses arriving within short walking distance and at correct, convenient times from Crawley/Gatwick areas, Dorking, Leigh and Charlwood and also Redhill to the North.


Horley Train Station is within fairly easy walking distance, and now has an extra, level entrance, meaning that the steep climb up hill is now unnecessary.

Horley is on the main London to Brighton line with Gatwick Airport the next stop to Horley so trains are frequent from both North and South.



Lumley Road, where Horley Infants is located leads to the A23 to the North and The High Street, Horley, to the South.

The B2036 is accessed via the A23, as is the A217 to Reigate. These are very accessible to the school, although during school drop-off times, the A23 is always extremely busy and quite dangerous. Commuter traffic to London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport is very heavy around the Horley area.


Walking is only accessible via existing paths bordering very busy roads. There is a pedestrian crossing across the A23, within close proximity of Lumley Road, linking the Northern residential roads of the town with the school.

This is the only crossing along this busy stretch of road. The major roundabout at the end of this stretch of the A23 is very dangerous. There are no pedestrian crossings to the south of this roundabout.

A significant number of children already walk to school; many children live very centrally to the town and school and the school has been extremely pro-active in promoting walking to school with various campaigns that have been embedded for some time. 



There are no cycle routes close to the school. Both the A23 and Horley Town Centre, at either end of the town are extremely busy roads, and parents have commented that this is the reason they would not consider cycling to school with their children. Lumley Road itself is a narrow Victorian residential road with no garaging, so cars are double parked on both sides of the road.

The paths are uneven due to many dropped kerbs to allow cars to park in front gardens. The school feels it might be feasible to put in a cycle path along the A23 as has been done along the B2036, close to Oakwood School but this is the responsibility of the local council.

There is a cycle and scooter storage available in the rear playground which children are invited to use. The school is not responsible for the security of the bikes and scooters left here and parents use this facility at their own risk. We strongly encourage the use of scooters and bikes as a sunstainable way to travel to school but we do ask that bikes and scooters are walked through the playground; there have been a number of near misses due to the “Tour de Horley” style cycling/scooting that takes place at drop off and pick up time…!


Lumley Road

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If you would like paper copies for any of the information on our website, please contact the school office

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