Extra Curricular Clubs

You can find a list of internal and external provided clubs below.  Internal clubs will run half termly by Teachers and/or Teaching Assistants between 3:00 and 4:00pm.  

Externally Organised Clubs

JEM TKD is a Taekwondo Club which is run by the talented Mrs. Whiting, who also works within school. JEM Taekwondo has had the opportunity to help countless students learn a new sport, to be active and acquire self-defence skills. Taekwondo has so many benefits, not only physically, but also to the child’s learning within school. The most common thread from ‘parent & teacher feedback’ is the change they have seen in class. They have become so much more disciplined and focussed within their learning environment. Click/tap on their logo to find out more. 


Athletix Kidz is a play base programme providing enthusiastic coaches that deliver sessions involving running, jumping and throwing activities whilst having lots of fun. Athletics forms a large part of any fundamental movement which is a great platform for all sports going forward.  Athletix Kidz | UK’s first Athletics Specific Programme for Children


Be Active, Be Happy (George Hyde Football Club) George is local to the area and runs a number of different sporting clubs. This includes an after-school football club at Horley Infant School. All bookings and organisation is done externally to the school so please click/tap on the link to find out more information from George and to book a place.  Holiday Camps | Be Active Be Happy | Powered by ClassForKids


BilinguaSing is a Spanish Club and is the UK’s only carefully-crafted music-led programme for teaching languages to babies and children from birth to 11 years. BilinguaSing is a fully holistic, multi-sensory experience, which means that we always include lots of sensory play to further boost their brain development and learning. BilinguaSing | Award-winning language & music classes for kids


Inspire Academy of Dance Over the last 10 years Inspire Academy of Dance has grown to over 800 students dancing and performing in over 7 different locations including our own Dance Studio in Copthorne. We know that not every dancer will turn their love of the art form into a career, but every one of them will take the lessons they have learned in their training, choreography and performance to improve their quality of their life. Click/tap on the link to find out more about the after-school club here at Horley Infants. Inspire Academy of Dance – Dance Classes for children 2 years+ in Sussex and Surrey


Fizz Pop Science This is a Science club like no other! The clubs are taught by enthusiastic, highly trained and screened instructors/presenters. There are fun, hands on experiments and projects that bring science to life for children in Yr1 +. This hands on science fun promotes the art of teamwork whilst helping aid children’s communication skills through active science exploration. Click/tap on the image to find out more. 

Internally Organised Clubs

These clubs run half termly.


Art club is very popular. This club is running the first half of Spring Term and first half of Summer Term.  We offer an opportunity for the children to make different things each week. This may be clay work, painting, cutting, colouring, tracing and sticking. We do sometimes repeat some activities so if your child has been to art club before they may have already made some of the things.

Our children say they enjoy it “because we like making different pieces of art that we can’t make at home.”

Board Games

Choir Club is another popular opportunity for children at Horley Infant School.  This club is run by Mrs Whiting and Mrs Lomas throughout the year.  The choir perform several times throughout the year at various events.   


French Club is being run for the first half of Spring Term.  This club is being run by Mrs Emery and will be teaching the children basic French.


Inter Gen Music Club – Children will learn how to enjoy the rhythm of music and how to move in a fun and uplifting way.  This club will run the first half of the Summer Term by Mr Walters.


Construction Club will run the second half of the Spring Term where the children are free to make whatever they dream up using lots of different construction. From Lego to Mobilo, large blocks, stickle bricks – the choice is endless.


Multi Skills will run for the first half of the Summer Term and will develop social skills through playing various games with a partner and in a team. They will be shown lots of different games, and participate in team games. 


Computing Club will run for the second half of the Spring Term.  A variety of IT equipment to further develop their computing skills such as laptops, Bee bot programmable toys, software programs and the internet.

They will learn how they can use different programmes, how to draw pictures using just their finger on the mouse pad and writing stories to go with their pictures. They will even make robots do what the children want them to do. They will then be able to show you what they have learnt on your computers at home.


Yoga Club this will run the second half of the Spring Term.  It teaches the skills children need to navigate the twists and turns of life and the self-awareness to recognise when they need to listen to themselves and take a pause.


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