Extra Curricular Clubs

Extra Curricular Clubs

Horley Infant School has, in the past, run extra-curricular clubs for children. These clubs have been run by our Teaching Assistants and run between 3:00 and 4:00. Unfortunately, internally run after school clubs are not currently taking place due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are still running externally operated clubs in cluding JEM TKD, French Club, Fizz Pop Science & Football with George Hyde.

For information about clubs we have run in the past and hope to run again one day, please read below:


Art club is very popular. We offer an opportunity for the children to make different things each week. This may be clay work, painting, cutting, colouring, tracing and sticking. We do sometimes repeat some activities so if your child has been to art club before they may have already made some of the things.

Our children say they enjoy it “because we like making different pieces of art that we can’t make at home.”

Board Games

Board Games Club is another popular opportunity for children to experience a range of games. They will have the chance to play games with their friends that have two players like ‘4 in a Row’ to Bingo where all the children can play together.

Children say they enjoy the club as alongside playing new games, it is a time to make new friends from other year groups.


Cooking Club is when children will have the opportunity to cook a variety of foods within the hour, from chocolate cornflake cakes to sausage rolls. We have a limited time to get things made and cooked, therefore, these are repeated each half term.


Dance Club – Children will learn how to enjoy the rhythm of music and how to move in a fun and uplifting way


Football Club  is currently run by Chelsea Football Club although we have also had Fulham Football Club to coach children too. It is another highly popular club which runs on Fridays from 3 – 4pm. Although predominantly attended by boys, girls enjoy the club too and it is a chance to train and play with experienced football coaches. Our children say they have learned “football skills like passing, tackling, running with the ball and scoring goals.”


French Club  using the La Jolie Ronde method provides: a native accent for the children to copy; a unique, structured and proven language course; small classes with plenty of individual attention ; Conversation, basic grammar, games, role-plays, rhymes and stories.

An awareness of France, its geography and culture; Fun activity books and interactive CDs; Termly reports on your child’s progress; French certificates awarded on completion of each programme


Gymnastics takes place on Tuesdays from 3 -4pm and is run by Ellastics a gym company established by an ex-pupil. This club is popular with girls but boys enjoy it too. Our children say they like it because it makes them fit but they also enjoy it because they learn how to do cartwheels and handstands.


Lego and Construction Club where the children are free to make whatever they dream up using lots of different construction. From Lego to Mobilo, large blocks, stickle bricks – the choice is endless.


Playground Games will develop social skills through playing various games with a partner and in a team. They will be shown lots of different games, from hockey to ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and participate in team games.


Purple Mash Computers  use a variety of IT equipment to further develop their computing skills such as laptops, Bee bot programmable toys, software programs and the internet.

They will learn how they can use different programmes, how to draw pictures using just their finger on the mouse pad and writing stories to go with their pictures. They will even make robots do what the children want them to do. They will then be able to show you what they have learnt on your computers at home.


Sewing Club will offer the opportunity to learn how to thread their own needles, use different types of stitching and designs to make lots of things from a bookmark to bean bags.

Sewing club is enjoyed by both boys and girls. The children say “it’s fun because we have learned to sew and make things like bean bags”.


Well-being Club teaches the skills children need to navigate the twists and turns of life and the self-awareness to recognise when they need to listen to themselves and take a pause.


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