School Governors are the largest volunteer group in the country and come from all sorts of backgrounds. Our Governing Body is made up of different types of Governors including Co-Opted, Parent & Local Authority and more information can be found within our Instrument of Government and Governing Body appointments

Regulations set out that there must be 7 members as a minimum with no upper limit and our Governing Body is currently comprised of 14 Governors. Governors can be contacted via the School office e-mail: and our Chair of Governors can be contacted directly at

Visit our ‘Visions, Aims and Values’ page to find out more about our Governor’s Vision. Alternatively, find out more about our Governors below.


What is a Governing Body?

Find out what Governing bodies do and the types of Governors we have on our Governing Body

Meet our Governors

Find out more about each of our Governors including why they volunteer and what skills they bring to the Governing Body.

Governor Roles & Responsibilities

Find out about what roles and responsibilities some of our Governors hold and how they carry out their Governor duties.

Governor Meetings & Committees

The structure of the Full Governing Body meetings comprises

1 x Housekeeping meeting at the start of the year,

3 x Achievements & Standards meetings

3 x Resources meetings

1 x Business meeting to close the year [flexible meeting – this does not always take place]

These meetings all take place on a Thursday from 18:30 to 20:30 and the dates for the meetings are agreed witin the Housekeeping meeting at the start of the year. 

There are also five Finance committee meetings and a Pay committee meeting for just committee members rather than Full Governing Body members. 

Quorum: The quorum for a meeting of the governing body and for any vote on any matter at such a meeting, is one half (rounded up to a whole number) of the membership of the governing body. The Committee’s quorum is determined annually and set out within the Terms of Reference for each Committee. 

Meetings of the Full Governing Body are open meetings. Anyone wanting to attend will need to make their request to the Clerk of the Governing Body (via the school office) by completing the Open Meeting Protocol below (paper copies are available at the office). Requests must be made no less than 14 days before the meeting, and permission to observe is granted at the discretion of the Chair.

A maximum of two observers is permitted. For more information on requesting attendance please see our Open Meeting Protocol below.

Statutory Information


Open Meeting Protocol

During the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst meetings remain virtual, Governor meetings will be closed.  Once Governor meetings resume in person, the open meeting protocol will then apply.

Open Meeting Protocol 2021-22


Governor Attendence



Lumley Road

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If you would like paper copies for any of the information on our website, please contact the school office

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