Science Intent

Our intent is to ignite in our children an early fascination and curiosity in the world around them and all things in it. We aim to create opportunities for exploration and amazement where our children believe their discoveries are the first that have ever been made.

Our Science curriculum is planned to steer children to soundly develop the skills of investigation and enquiry that will enable them to think like ‘scientists’ and independently drive their own learning. Through the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and the National Curriculum Science program of study, children learn how to ‘work scientifically’ by incorporating science concepts into specific topics and themes throughout the year.

What does Science look like in our school? (Implementation)

Throughout Reception and Key Stage One, children are taught to progressively use scientific vocabulary and definitions, to ask questions, research, predict and interpret their findings and to report these in creative ways, for example through class exhibitions and video presentations.

Practical, hands on experiences in our science learning are encouraged to enable children to make meaningful and memorable connections to real life experiences, inside and outside.  For example, children find out and identify trees growing in our school environment.  Cross curricular links to Art further enable them to observe changes across the seasons and distinguish between trees that are deciduous and evergreen.   Planting and growing fruits and vegetables encourages children to independently make observations and take responsibility for the growth and care of these plants, thereby enhancing scientific knowledge and respect for the wider world. 

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