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Physical education and activity is a vital part of a children’s physical and emotional wellbeing and development. Physical activity is essential for developing and improving health as well as a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing which in turn leads to a healthier lifestyle, better understanding of their body and ultimately more effective learners. Physical education develops a child’s knowledge, skills and understanding so they are able to perform with increasing competence and confidence across a range of activities. At Horley Infant School, our aim is to ensure that PE allows all children to develop the physical literacy, social and emotional skills  to succeed in PE, sport and beyond into all areas of their life. Our child centred approach aims to allow the children to develop their cognitive and personal skills alongside the development of their fundamental movement skills. We want every child to feel safe and supported as well as challenged through an engaging and progressive curriculum which allows them to be physically active and flourish within a range of different physical activities.

What does P.E look like at our school? (Implementation)

At Horley Infant School, our children are taught through RealPE which provides a holistic approach of teaching and developing the whole child.  RealPE ensures that all children are able to access fun learning opportunities that build on previous learning whilst encouraging them to be physically active and healthy. This approach allows the development of the fundamental skills of agility, balance and co-ordination through differentiated progressive challenges that build in complexity and skill. Throughout these physical challenges, the children are working on both their inter and intra-personal skills through the ‘cogs’ of personal, social, cognitive, creative, applying physical and health and fitness which allow children to grow and apply their own social and emotional wellbeing throughout their PE learning journey.  Throughout their time within Horley Infant School, the children also have opportunities to apply these fundamental movement and cognitive skills through team games and personal challenges such as rounders, yoga and cross-country running. Outside agencies also support staff in teaching gymnastics, dance and multi-skill team games. Within Early Years, physical education is incorporated within daily continuous provision alongside formal lessons to help continuously build and develop their fine and gross motor skills.  Additionally, we provide opportunities for children to practise their fundamental movement skills within a different context through themed days such as Superhero Day and Space Day. These days include activities which challenge the children’s agility, balance and co-ordination in ways that they may have not experienced before. We aim to ensure that all children have access to an ambitious yet broad and balanced curriculum which has been coherently planned and sequenced to include all children to ensure that they are physically active with a good understanding of their own social and emotional wellbeing.

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We use Real P.E. and the Jasmine platform to access this. There is home access to and parents can use the following credentials to log-in. 

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