Geography Intent

At Horley Infant School, we aim to provide a geography curriculum that is exciting, engaging and relevant to the children at our school.  With thoughtful planning across the school, we ensure that the children enjoy a range of broad and exciting themes in each year group which link to our wider curriculum and build on their previous learning,   

We want our children to be enthusiastic and inquisitive about the world around them.  We encourage children to ask questions about the world they live in and to make comparisons to other places around the world based on what we learn at school and their own experiences outside of school.  This develops an understanding of the lives of others and how their lives might be different to our own lives in Horley.  We support the children’s learning by providing opportunities for the children to use a wide range of geographical resources which are progressively more detailed.  We believe developing children’s use of geographical vocabulary is vital to their learning as they move throughout our school and onwards with their learning journey. 

What does Geography look like at Horley Infant School? (Implementation)

In Reception, the children begin their geography learning journey by talking about where they live and where they have been on holiday.  We encourage the children to notice changes in the weather and seasons, and regularly take children on walks around the school grounds to observe this happening. 

In the Summer Term, we take the children on a journey around the world!  Each week we learn about the environment, animals and people in a different continent.  We make comparisons about how these places are different to where we live in Horley. In Reception, the children are introduced to geographical vocabulary and begin to learn the difference between human and physical features. 

 In Year One, the children build on their learning from Reception by continuing to learn about the seven continents as well as learning about the world’s five oceans, the Equator, and the North and South Poles. Year One are introduced to the names of the four countries in the United Kingdom and are able to find these on a map.  We continue to observe the weather noticing how it changes throughout the year as the seasons change. 

In the Summer Term, we love learning about our local area! We use maps and aerial photographs to locate local landmarks and are introduced to using symbols and a key when making their own maps.  We include walks around the school and the local area as part of the children’s experience of fieldwork. The children continue to develop their knowledge of human and physical features by identifying these during their fieldwork experiences.

In Year Two, children further build on the knowledge and skills learnt in previous years.  They look at the weather patterns, making comparisons about the different seasons based on observations and their previous learning. The children again look at the four countries of the United Kingdom, this time learning about the characteristics of the four countries, naming the capital cities and the surrounding seas.  As part of their learning about the seaside, the children learn about physical and human features, and can confidently identify and label these. 

In the Spring Term, the children love learning about the landmarks and geographical features of London!  They use maps and aerial photographs to identify these before creating their own maps using coordinates, symbols and a key. 

Finally, in the Summer Term, the children enjoy finding out about another country in the world.  We compare the environment, geographical features and lives of people in this country to our life in Horley.  When looking at world maps, the children are able to locate the hot and cold parts of the world and talk about their relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles.  We ensure the country we learn about is relevant to the children so this may change each year.  For example, during the Olympics or a World Cup, we may learn about the country holding these events to stimulate the children’s interest further. 

 We are proud that children at Horley Infant School are always confident, enthusiastic and excited when they talk about Geography!


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