Horley Infant School uses a smarter, faster and easier method for payments called Wisepay.  This can be for school trips and after school clubs.  Once you have downloaded the Wisepay App (https://www.wisepay.co.uk/App/desktop/1.html)  you will need to register an account.

Users can now checkout faster with the flexible payment options and payment cards can be stored securely for repeat purcheses provising a one click seamless tranaction on the go.


We are pleased to announce that last year we introduced a new and more efficient and secure system for reporting a child’s absence due to illness, called Studybugs.

Please download the free Studybugs app (available for both Apple and Android phones), or use a computer to register on the Studybugs website, and use it to inform us whenever your child is ill and unable to attend school.

Not only is Studybugs a convenient way to report your child’s absence, but it is the main way we will communicate messages to you in future. As messages will appear in notifications on your phone and tablet, they will be more visible and a quicker way to message you.  School emails including newsletters will also be visible through the app without having to link to our website.

The new system will hugely improve the efficiency of our school office as it will reduce the need for staff to make unnecessary calls to parents and spend time typing up absence messages left on our answerphone. We will also be able to follow-up any absences for which we don’t have a message much more quickly. Parent messages can be viewed by staff at school as soon as you send them and you can send your message as soon as you know your child is going to be absent.

Don’t put it off! Please grab your smart phone, download the app and register NOW!

 To get the app or register by computer now (https://studybugs.com/about/parents)  If you have any difficulties registering your child/children to use the app, please contact: support@studybugs.co.uk