Jason Walters


SDP/SEF “Effectiveness of Leadership and Management” and “Co-Lead of Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

CPD DSL Pupil Voice School Council Curriculum Leader Pupil Premium

Debra Povey Chatterton


Inclusion SDP/SEF “Outcomes for Pupils”

Tracking Vulnerable Groups

Provisions and Interventions

Katharine Staples

Year Two Leader – Teacher Sharks Class

SDP/SEF “Personal Development, Behaviour and

Welfare of Pupils” Music Staff Governor

Jackie Doyle

Year Two Teacher Assistant Sharks Class

Charlotte Cox

Year Two Teacher Orcas Class

PE Leader     Sports Premium

Sue Barnes

Teacher Assistant Orcas Class

Jeanette Allaway

Year Two Special Needs Assistant Orcas Class

Emily Ritchie

Year Two Teacher Seals Class

Mathematics     Co-Lead KS1

Sarah Carliell

Year One Leaders – Teacher Hedgehogs Class

Senior Leader     SDP/SEF “Co-Lead Quality of Teaching Learning & Assessment”   English Co-Lead (Writing)   Art and Design     Design and Technology

Debbie Davis

Year One Teacher Assistant Hedgehogs Class

Jenni Lomas

Year One Teacher Dormice Class

Science Leader

Celia Thompson

Year One Teacher Dormice Class

Religious Education      SMSC     Community/Charity Events

Sam Miles

Year One Teacher Assistant Dormice Class

Jodie Thomas

Year One Special Needs Assistant Dormice Class

Anusha Doolly

Year One Teacher Squirrels Class

Computing Leader     E-Safety/Safeguarding

Rebecca Andrews

Year One Teacher Squirrels Class

Proud Board

Angela Langridge

Year One Teacher Assistant Squirrels Class

Marie Read

Reception Teacher Ladybirds Class

Senior Leader EYFS     SDP/SEF “Effectiveness of the EYFS”    English Co-Lead (Phonics and Reading)

Nicole Crowley

Reception Teacher Assistant Ladybirds Class

Lucy Alton

Reception Special Needs Assistant Ladybirds Class

Charlotte King

Reception Teacher Butterflies Class

Mathematics     Co-Lead (EYFS)

Sarah French

Reception Teacher Butterflies Class

More Able and Talented (MAT)

Anne Connolly

Reception Teacher Assistant Butterflies Class

Ruth Rodriguez

Reception Teacher Bumblebees Class

English as an Additional Language (EAL)     History and Geography Co-Lead

Anna Hill

Reception Teacher Bumblebee Class

Footsteps     History and Geography Co-Lead

Kerry Roulston

Reception Teacher Assistant Bumblebees Class

Jenny Whiting

Leadership & Management Cover and Project X Intervention Lead

Wendy Browne

Reception Special Needs Assistant Bumblebees Class

Toni Webb

Speech and Language Assistant

Year One and Year Two

Sue Cox

English as an Additional Language Assistant

Sarah Gadd

Forest Schools

Hilary Taylor

Home School Link Worker

Shazia Anjum

Admin Officer/Bursar

Sue Palmer

Admin Assistant

Lynn Sadd

Admin Assistant

Tracy Legge

Admin Assistant

Colin Gibbons


Isobel Martin

Lollipop Lady

Karen Hutchings

Sunrise Sunset Club Leader

Gemma Bigglestone

Sunrise Sunset Co-ordinator

Jeanette Allaway

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Lynn Sadd

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Daz Jones

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Lucy Alton

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Julie Alikhan

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Julie Barry

Sunrise Sunset Playworker

Mary Atkins

Senior Midday Supervisor

Jo Parker

Midday Supervisor

Lisa Connor

Midday Supervisor

Lubna Chowdhury

Midday Supervisor

Julie Barry

Midday Supervisor

Tracey Pitts

Midday Supervisor

Cloe Harman

Midday Supervisor

Aliza Saymum

Midday Supervisor

Claire Medlicott

Midday Supervisor

Lidia Rami

Midday Supervisor


Lumley Road

01293 782263



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