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The Children and Families Bill places a legal duty on state-funded schools in England, including academies and free schools, to offer a free hot school lunch to all pupils in Reception, Year One and Year Two from September 2014.

Healthy and nutritionally balanced hot lunches are prepared daily on site and lunchtime is an important social occasion; we make it a well-mannered, pleasant experience.

Lunchtimes at Horley Infants are just as important to us as morning and afternoon learning.

Our lunch team is made up of ten Midday Supervisors, each Midday Supervisor is linked to their own class at the start of each school year.

We believe this establishes a consistent and stable routine enabling a seamless transition between lunchtimes and the classroom.

Our lunch hall holds our legendary lunchtimes board which showcases each class’s achievements through the week, it also houses our amazing kitchen staff who produce our fresh and healthy meals on site each day.

Lunchtime is made up of two sittings with the first sitting coming in at midday, children are encouraged to try new foods, including vegetables!

As an alternative to our delicious hot lunches, children may bring a healthy packed lunch and drink in a labelled box – this must not include sweets, peanut butter, chocolate spreads or chocolate bars and fizzy drinks.

We are a Nut Free School, and foods containing nuts/nut oils are not allowed due to the allergies of many children and adults.

We love positive lunchtimes at Horley Infant School.

Our lunch team operate reward systems to celebrate class and individual’s efforts and progress, in both the lunch hall and the playground.

In the playground we have Midday Supervisors overseeing our quiet area, main playground, field (weather permitting) and all-weather pitch.

They also run a variety of playground games and outdoor equipment to encourage free play and imagination.

Our lunchtime team has recently expanded to include Mr George Hyde; Mr Hyde is a goalkeeper from Horley Town Football Club and has experience in skills based games and co-ordination.

Mr Hyde runs Wednesday’s sports activities and Friday’s football tournaments with end of term trophies and certificates!

At lunchtime we also operate a flexible ‘lunch club’ for select children who may find aspects of outdoor play over-stimulating.

Lunch club takes place in a classroom and is run by members of staff.  Children can bring along a friend and choose from a range of fun activities i.e. laptops, construction, crafts and games.

Children who may benefit from lunch club are identified by their class teacher and a conversation takes place with parents to discuss why they have been invited to attend.

The children continue to eat with their friends and will join the rest of the children for outside play for a short period of time.

As a Healthy School we actively encourage our children to drink regularly to keep hydrated:  we advise you to provide a sports water bottle, which may be used at any time.

You could always buy one of our special Horley Infant School logo bottles!

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