Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Horley Infant School, we value the importance of creating as many opportunities to exercise mental well health for our children, our children’s parents and carers and also our staff and we have a Mental Health First Aider in school to support us with this. We believe that in order to grow a healthy school and a healthy community, we can contribute to all of the different areas of the “wheel of wellbeing”. 

Wheel of Wellbeing

We have used the Surrey “Wheel of Well-being” format as a handy way to think about things everyone can do to help improve their mood, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, and even add up to seven years to their life.

The Wheel is made up of six different segments. As everybody has different needs and interests, we believe it’s important for everyone to be able to reflect on their own lives and consider which aspect of their own wheel of wellbeing can be improved.

Why not start off with one area and see how you get on? And then try a different one if you’re feeling the benefit!

The Wheel of Wellbeing can also be used in your everyday work life to help improve your mood and reduce stress. Click on each of the segments to find out how to incorporate the six stages into your daily life.

Surrey Directories

Additionally, the following Surrey directories have a list of services and activities available in Surrey – many of which support the Wheel of Well-being’s actions. Take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired:

Family Information Services

Family Information Service

Find registered childcare, family activities, holiday clubs, parenting courses and support groups near you.

Surrey Information Point

Surrey Information Point

Information on services, activities and organisations for adults in Surrey

Surrey Adult Learning

Surrey Adult Learning

Free courses for adults with, as well as those recovering from, mild to moderate mental wellbeing difficulties.

You can get more well-being tips, activities to try and places to visit by visiting the WoW Yourself website. You can even create your own account to monitor your personal progress.


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