School Governors are the largest volunteer group in the country and come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Schools can have between 9 and 20 Governors, made up of representatives from a wide range of groups in the community.  We currently have 14 Governors.  Governors can be contacted via the School office e-mail:

What do Governors do?

The question we are most commonly asked is ‘What do Governors do?’.

The governing body is responsible for ensuring our school provides good quality education, promoting high standards of academic achievement but also helping ensure that the school is a safe and happy place for our pupils and staff.

The Governors work in partnership with the Headteacher setting the overall objectives for the school and monitoring progress. The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day operational management of the school.

Governors are often described as the school’s ‘Critical Friend’ and this is part of our ‘job’, but the Governing Body also is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community  plans the school’s future direction
makes sure the national curriculum is taught decides how the school can encourage pupil’s spiritual, moral and social development makes sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs makes decisions on the school’s budget and staffing selects the Headteacher

The Governing Body is made up from four groups of people: 

4 Parent Governors who are elected. They should keep in touch with other parents but make up their own minds on how to vote on any specific issue.
2 Staff Governors include the head and a representative from teaching staff who is elected by their colleagues.
1 Local education authority Governors who is appointed by the local authority (Surrey County Council in our case).
7 Co-opted Governors who can be living or working in the local community and have an interest in the school, or individuals approached because of a particular skill which would be beneficial to the Governing Body. Co-opted governors are invited to join by the Governing Body and their appointment confirmed via a vote.

All Governors can be contacted through the School Office or if you see us in and around the school please don’t be afraid to approach us.

Governor’s Roles & Responsibilities 2019/20

Statutory Roles & Responsibilities

The following Governors hold the following posts for the academic year:

Chair – Fiona Stimpson
Vice-Chair – Vacancy
In addition some Governors have particular responsibility for:

Child Protection/Safeguarding – Laura Moys
Looked After Children – Laura Moys
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) – John Prior
Governor responsible for liaising with the Local Authority in the event of an allegation (child protection) against the Head Teacher – Fiona Stimpson

Governors responsible for specific areas of the School Development Plan (SDP)

Pupil Outcomes – Suzanne Cull
Quality of Teaching and Learning & Assessment – Richard Rogerson
Leadership and Management – Fiona Stimpson
Personal Behaviour and Welfare – Jess Hawley
Early Years – Lynne Geary

Horley Infant School Governing Body Meetings

Governors meet several times a term, with each meeting having a specific focus.

Achievement and Standards

This meeting looks at the beating heart of the school. It is where staff can discuss with Governors all aspects of learning and teaching.

In this way the Governors can ensure that the National Curriculum is being taught but also ensure that the methods used will interest and inspire the children.

Provision for gifted and talented children and those with special educational needs is monitored and reviewed by this committee.

Regular updates of action plans for each subject which follow and expand on the School Development Plan are presented and discussed.


Support and guidance are given to the Headteacher on all matters relating to accessibility, security, health and safety of the school buildings and grounds.

Members of the governing body carry out termly inspections and reviews arrangements for maintenance, repair and redecoration of the school.

Also covered within the remit of this meeting is to discuss and ultimately oversee recruitment and retention of staff appropriate to the current needs of the school and monitoring of extended services (breakfast and after school clubs for example).

Another increasing role is that of the development of marketing the school including this website.


A small group of Governors, including the Head, Chair and Vice Chair meet at least once a term as the Finance Committee.

Funding of education often depends on which way the political wind blows rather than need. At Horley Infant School we aim to use the money available sensibly but not restrictively.

The Finance Committee works with the Headteacher and Administration Officer to provide information and gonauidance on financial matters to the Governing Body.

The Committee composition ensures that all views are represented when different funding priorities are discussed.

Fiona Stimpson - Chair

I was appointed as at Horley Infants School in 2012 by the Local Authority and when the Governing Bodies were reconstituted in 2016 I became a Co-opted Governor.
I enjoy the challenge of being a Governor as, not having been in school for a very long time and not having children of my own, I have been out of touch with the schooling world! It is great to have found a way to keep up with the wonderful world of schools!

I was elected at Chair of Governors in September 2016 and work closely with Mr Walters, under the Ofsted criteria ‘Effective Leadership and Management’, to ensure that the we continue to be a successful school where parents want to send their children to begin their education.

My background:

I worked in Catering & Hospitality for 20 years and moved to Horley in 1997 after purchasing a guest house and continued as the Proprietor of the guest house until July 2018 when I sold up and I am now semi-retired!.

As well as being a Governor, I am also a Town Councillor for Horley where I am currently Vice Chair of Leisure & Amenities Committee and sit on the Planning Committee. I am also Vice Chair the Horley & District Chamber of Commerce.

I see these positions as a means of working with Horley Infant School and local organisations to bring people together in Horley for such events like the Horley Carnival, St George’s Day, etc.

In my little bit of spare time in the day, I like to take my dogs for a walk around the many parks and open spaces in the surrounding countryside, where despite living next door to an airport, it can be surprisingly quiet! I also love gardening and since moving to the Meath Green which is a quieter part of town, I am enjoying the challenge of developing a new garden! The house I bought was completely derelict and the garden was bare! A year on, the house has been completely transformed and, with the help of a landscape gardener, I have a beautiful garden to work, sit in and enjoy!


Richard Rogerson


I have been a Governor at Horley Infant school since 2000 – nearly 18 years – and before that I was treasurer of the Friends for 5 years.

I have seen the school grow from 8 classrooms to 9 and then to 10 with the addition of a pre-school. I was involved with each project, in particular monitoring the budgets.

I have been Chairman of the Finance Committee for several years and am also currently Vice Chairman of the Governing Body. I was chair of the Horley Learning Partnership (HLP) Finance Committee before it was disbanded when HLP was re-structured.

I have supported the staff through many good time but occasionally difficult times and with my experience can act as a sounding board for both the Chair of Governors and the Head Teacher, listening but also challenging if needed.

My background:

Originally from Worcestershire, I have lived in Horley for thirty years. I am a Chartered Materials Engineer with a firm of consulting engineers managing their construction materials laboratory in London.

I am married to Sue. Our two children went to Horley Infant School in the 1990’s – both are now working in London and have finally flown the nest!.

Away from school (and work) I relax by reading and gardening and am a keen member of the Geograph Project. I also follow the fortunes of Kidderminster Harriers FC.

Jason Walters - Headteacher

As the Headteacher at Horley Infant School, I have a statutory role on the Governing Body and work closely with the Chair and other Governors to set the strategic direction of the school.

My background:

Prior to joining Horley Infant School in 2013, I taught at Pickering Community Infant & Nursery school in North Yorkshire. Since 2013, I have been a class teacher and Deputy Headteacher at this school and I am now incredibly excited to take on the role of Headteacher.

I am very proud to be part of the wonderfully dedicated and enthusiastic team here at Horley Infants that has the children very much at the centre of everything they do.

Our school is particularly special to me as I am a former pupil and have had many family members thrive through the school’s excellent work. I am passionate about the importance of community links and the idea of ‘giving back’ and this has led me to take up a number of volunteer roles within the local community as well as wider afield in my spare time.

Jasminder Bhimji

I joined the governing body in November 2017 as a co-opted governor. I am the governor for Hares Class (year one) working closely with Ms Carliell.

My background:

I read Economic and International Development at the University of Bath and went on to train as an accountant at an international Private Equity firm.

Since then I’ve remained in Financial services and for the past 6 years I’ve worked for large Life Insurance companies, in Financial Reporting and Financial Planning roles whilst managing and developing a team.

I deal with senior stakeholders on a daily basis and am able to understand and address their issues and concerns which will be an invaluable skill as a governor when difficult topics are discussed.

I look forward to help make the school a rewarding place to learn for the children.

Suzanne Cull


I joined the governing body in March 2017 as a co-opted governor.

I am the link governor for Stingrays Class (year 2) working closely with Miss Cox and am also the responsible governor for the SENCO provision as well as for science and PE

My background:

I read law at University as well as having a Masters in business. I work for a consulting company and am fortunate enough to be able to work from home most of the time.

I work as a contract manager to looking after the contractual relationship between my company and our clients and have previously been a law lecturer and as such will hopefully bring this legal and contractual experience to the school.

I have a six year old son and in my spare time I am a huge fan of murder mystery/detective tv!

Lynne Geary

I joined the Governing Body in October 2016 as a parent governor. I am responsible for the Early Years Provision and Standards pillar, and governor for Butterflies class (reception) working closely with Miss. Gilbert.

I have two sons at Horley Infant School. My eldest is currently in Seahorses Class (year two), and youngest is in Foxes Class (year one).

My background:

I read Audio Visual Media Studies with Business at the University of Central Lancaster and Financial Management at Robert Gordon University.

After University I qualified as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant and worked for over ten years within Local Government Finance.

After the birth of my second son I left Local Government and set up my own business as a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator. I am also a member of ‘Mothers at Home Matter’ (a national campaigning group for fairer family orientated government policy) and Volunteer my artistic skills to a fantastic charity ‘Supershoes’ which helps empower children fighting Cancer.

The various roles I have held within Local Government and as a Sole Trader have required me to be organised, work well in teams and provide effective challenge to any decision making process.

I help out in school regularly and look forward to using my skills and expertise to represent parents within the Governing Body.

Jess Hawley

I joined the governing body in September 2017 as a parent governor. I am responsible for the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare pillar, working closely with Miss Staples. My son is currently in Reception, and my daughter left Horley Infants last September to join Yattendon School.

My background
I read Modern European Languages at Staffordshire University, and before having my children worked for 13 years as a project manager at a global investment bank. During this time I was based in London and Tokyo, working with large teams of people to deliver successful outcomes. A project manager must be organised, have a fair yet critical eye, and be adept at working with people from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints. I bring these skills to bear as a member of the school’s governing body, and am delighted to have the chance to contribute to the school’s continued success

Lorna Moore


I joined the governing body as a parent governor in November 2018.

I am linked to Hedgehogs class in Year 1 and am looking forward to working with Miss Carliell both with her class and as the responsible governor for English along with Mrs Read.

My background:

I have a degree in Italian Studies from The University of Manchester, with my third year completed at a university in Naples.

This lead to a brief career in the travel publishing industry but eager to travel more I qualified to teach English as a second language and taught in Lisbon for a year.

I developed a real love of teaching and returned to England in 2004 to complete a Graduate Teaching Programme in Primary Education.

I taught for 10 years, mainly in Years 5, 6 and 7 before having my third child and moving to Horley. My eldest son is currently in Year 4 at Yattendon, I have a son in Sharks class, another in Hedgehogs and my youngest is a rabbit at Bobtails (yes 4 boys!).

I am keen to use my professional experience along with my love for the school to work with the other members of the governing body to support Mr Walters and our wonderful school.

Laura Moys


I became a co-opted Governor in July 2017. My link class is Ladybirds and I will therefore be working closely with class teacher Marie Read. I will also be liaising with Home School Link Worker Hilary Taylor.

My background:

I studied History and Modern Languages at Wadham College, University of Oxford, before undertaking a law conversion course and eventually qualifying as a barrister specialising in Family Law.

I attended state school and am the first person in my family to have obtained an Oxbridge degree and to become a lawyer.

I passionately believe that all children have the right to an aspirational education that allows them to reach their full potential, irrespective of their background.

I have two young children myself and am acutely aware of how important and precious our children’s early formative years are.

I hope that as one of your school Governors I will be able to make a positive contribution, both to the life of the school and to our local community.

Katharine Staples

I joined the governing body as a staff governor in 2012, and started my second term as a co-opted Governor in 2017. I am responsible for leading ‘Personal development, behaviour and welfare’ in school and Year Two assessment data

My background:

I began teaching in 2003 and joined Horley Infant School in 2010. I currently teach in Year Two and am the Year Two leader.

Hilary Taylor

I joined the Governing Body in 2006 as a Staff Support Governor.

My background:

I have been involved with Horley Infant School since 1996 when my elder daughter, Hannah, started school in Bumblebee class.

Over the following years I assisted in the classroom as a parent helper and supported the school through activities organised by the Friends.

When my younger daughter, Lucy, started school in 1999, I was fortunate to be offered a part-time position as a Special Needs Assistant working with a child in year one.

The following year I became a full time Teaching Assistant. I continued in this role, working in years one and two, until September 2008 when I was appointed the Home School Link Worker.

This was a new role within Horley Infant School and one that has grown and developed over the ensuing years.

Governing Body Term of Office and Register of Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests as declared September 2018

The structure of the Governing Body meetings comprises a Housekeeping meeting at the start of the year, three Achievements & Standards meetings and three Resources meetings and then a Business meeting to close the year. 

There are also five Finance committee meetings and a Pay committee meeting.

Quorum:  There must be two Governors plus the Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team at each meeting


Statutory Information


Open Meeting Protocol

Meetings of the Full Governing Body are open meetings.  Anyone wanting to attend will need to make their request to the Clerk of the Governing Body (via the school office) by completing the Open Meeting Protocol below (paper copies are available at the office).

Requests must be made no less than 14 days before the meeting, and permission to observe is granted at the discretion of the Chair.

A maximum of two observers are permitted.

HIS Open Meeting Protocol 2018 – 2019

Governor Attendance 2018-2019

HIS Governor Attendance 2018-19



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